Product Led Assessment

Quickly determine your Product Led Growth Maturity and work out next steps to drive business value

The Initial Assessment

In just 25 minutes, you could have a complete audit of your business and a detailed report providing recommendations on how to improve.

This assessment covers the following facets of your business:

Your product's ability to engage and convert users
Your marketing team's ability to target users
Your sales team's effectiveness
Assessment against key performance benchmarks
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Get your PLG maturity ranking

Unlocking Growth's proprietary PLG Maturity Model indicates where you are on your PLG journey, allowing you to determine how best to invest for the future.

The PLG Maturity Assessment helps give guidance on the following:

How easy it is for your team to optimise your customers' journeys

Where you should focus next to deliver the biggest bang for your buck

How your organisational culture is adopting PLG

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Build the business case before you start

Armed with your assessment you can easily ascertain potential upside for your business and build the business case. Whether you need this to sell to your executives or board, or whether you need it just to confirm how you should allocate your limited budget, this provides a commercial north-star to build your upcoming plans.

The assessment provides the following key insights into your business case:

Compares your performance to industry benchmarks

Performs what-if analysis to determine how this can drive key metrics in your business

Provides preliminary estimations for key conversion metrics

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