“Coming from a data analytics background and having never worked in startups, this course has enabled me to pivot into a new career. I am now a Growth Consultant, and it's exciting to see the learnings come to life on real projects!”

Rocketship Scholar

Fix your Top of Funnel metrics

At the end of the comprehensive 11-week program, you will have a handle on your top-of-funnel metrics, and be positioned to revitalise your marketing strategy for the modern consumer.

Increase the time each visitor spends on your web or mobile app

Capture the right Discovery and Familiarity data

Increase conversion by understanding your attribution tracking

Build better ads by knowing where to allocate your Marketing Budget

A program tailored for

Starting your Career

"I'm a curious person and Product-Led Growth was where all the action was happening. This course has given me the confidence to really own my craft, and take this and apply it to any startups that exist."


Career Progression

"I've been reflecting on how much I've learnt in the past few months - it's crazy really! I feel like I've become a better problem-solver. To be totally honest I wasn't 100% sure what to expect but overall it was great and I've walked away with more skills!"

Marketing Manager

Career Changers

"I've recently made the move from corporate into the tech startup space, and there were rumblings about product and marketing. I knew there was something out there that I didn't know about, and I just had to do this. It is a skill set that scales."

Strategy and Operations

Product Leaders

"Product-Led Growth has only been around for five years, so it's quite new and very few people have skills in that area. As a Product Manager, you need to be skilled across numerous areas. Product-Led Growth is the next key big area that Product Managers especially need to be skilled in."

Product Manager

...and for Organisations

to supercharge their Growth trajectory.

Reduce Growth Costs & Scale Fast

Lower your customer acquisition cost, target more qualified leads, and drive revenue from your existing customers

Launch a Product-Led go-to-market

Go to market with a streamlined strategy that focuses on fostering your product to attract, convert and retain customers

Build a team of superstars

Build your team of Product-Led Growth superstars, who are responsible for ensuring your organisation builds a product that sells itself

Improve Tracking and Analytics

Build a solid tracking plan to capture essential data, enabling you to track, measure and analyse your customer behaviour

Solve Developer Bottlenecks

Remove business logic from code by deploying our Customer Journey Architect's toolkit; enabling you to iterate and experiment on the customer journey without developer involvement

Increase Conversions

Design for the end user, and optimise your customer experience to encourage free to paid conversions

Customer Acquisition Rocketship

Product-Led Foundations


Product-Led Acquisition

Top of Funnel Customer Journey
Getting your Discovery Data
Getting your Familiarity Data
Deep dive into Attribution
Building your Marketing Dashboards
Product Led Sales

This 11 Week Program includes

12 training modules, dripped weekly

Top of Funnel Customer Journey Playbooks, installed

Private Community, connect with others in the program, collaborate and learn alongside them.

Flexible Payment Plans

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