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"We want to arm Aussie Talent with the skills of the future. And these skills are already in short supply. Get on this rocketship now, because Aussie Startups are crying out for Product Led Growth skills."

- Audrey Melnik, Co-founder, Unlocking Growth


"As more and more companies see the value in hiring these experts, the talent pool will continue to dry up.

In fact, today there are almost 1,000 job openings citing product-led growth expertise, a 10x increase compared to six months ago." - OpenView Partners

Setup your Journey

Product-Led Foundations

This 5 week program introduces you to the Principles of Product-Led Growth, as well as our proprietary Customer Journey Optimisation methodology and tool stack.

You will finish the course with:

  • A Product-Led Growth Mindset
  • Coaching by APAC's leading Product-Led Educators and Consultants
  • In-depth experience with 5 Key Technologies used by the Top Startups
  • A knowledge of how to Track a User's Journey and Improve it - fast
  • Analytics know-how
  • Marketing Automation Skills


Have you heard about Product-Led Growth (PLG)?

It's the not-so-secret recipe for success that has powered unicorn companies like Atlassian, Canva and Slack.

We're Australia's Leading PLG Consulting Firm

As Australia's PLG experts, we're helping more local startups become product-led.

Aussies Startups are hungry for Product Led Growth expertise

The Australian Startup scene needs more growth talent.

Course Details

This is an introductory course that will teach you:

CJO Methodology

Customer Journey Optimization Toolkit

Product Led Growth Concepts

Toolstack best practices

Growth-Stack Practical Skills

Implement a Customer Journey Playbook
Preparing your Growth Stack
Coaching by APACs PLG Leaders


Become a part of the future of Tech in Australia

There's no linear path to working in growth. But we can help fast track your entry into the most coveted career in technology!

The next Program Starts in October and goes for 5 weeks