Growth Accelerators

Laser-focused, short & sharp solutions to your current Challenges

Activation Optimisation Accelerator

Increase your customer conversions through a systemic approach to customer behaviour and engagement.

This offering aims to improve conversions through a 4-pronged approach:

Determination of the key events for Activation and scoring mechanism
Establishment of key performance metrics of Activation
Drive key Initial Value & Activation trigger campaigns
Showcase continuous value to customers through ongoing engagement

Actionable Analytics Accelerator

We provide you with deep analytic insights across both product usage and acquisition, to inform where you need to invest to improve acquisition, conversion or product usage.

This offering aims to improve your analytics through a 4-pronged approach:

Define the Growth Metrics that matter

Collate digital marketing data into our Attribution tool

Run statistical models to surface acquisition insights

Build your Growth Dashboard using a custom Analytics tool, and empower you to surface your own insights

Product-Led Sales Accelerator

By arming your Sales team with information about your product usage and who the champions are within an account, we can improve the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team.

This offering aims to improve your Sales effectiveness through a 4-pronged approach:

We unlock your product usage data and leverage the power of Segment CDP and a Product-Led Sales Automation tool

We build automated sales plays that trigger sellers across two facets of the sales journey, choosing 2 of Acquisition, Renewal and Upsell.

We work with your team to implement these sales plays and guide them toward Product-Led Sales success.

Revenue Uplift Accelerator

By presenting upsell and cross-sell offers to your existing customer base, you can increase lifetime value and MRR without spending a cent on acquisition. We've seen companies achieve success in migrating free customers onto paid tiers, selling more seats on existing plans and also upselling them to new plans or new products.

This offering aims to increase your revenue through a 5-pronged approach:

Strategy formulation and determination of the right upsell options and paths

Unlock all of your existing data, as well as enrich it with behavioural data that we will capture. Leveraging the power of Segment CDP

Increase the visibility of core revenue metrics by building you a Revenue Dashboard, to provide your team with the growth insights they need

Build powerful marketing automation that drives upsell and cross-sell opportunities that we identify during the strategy stage of this Accelerator

Optionally, generating key alerts to ensure sales teams are engaged and able to drive upsell conversations

Churn Reduction Accelerator

Solving churn requires a multi-faceted approach. We establish a 4-pronged approach to help you reduce churn and increase your MRR and LTV:

Establishment of key performance metrics and drivers of churn
Drive key subscription milestone campaigns
Showcase continuous value to customers through ongoing valuable communication
Optionally, generate key sales alerts to ensure sales teams are engaged and able to drive renewal conversations

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