Customer Journey Optimization

Our methodology reduces the cost

to acquire and retain a customer and increases lifetime value…

…without Developer Involvement

We take Optimization to the Next Level

Customer Journey Optimization takes conversion rate optimization to the next level.

These days, the buying process is not linear, so we need to account for all touch points of customer interaction and work to optimize them across the entire lifecycle.

This is a key factor today in a time when we are in a multi-channel environment, across web, mobile, social and offline.

Our methodology encompasses:

Customer Data

We capture Customer profile data and Customer behavioral events from your online products.


If you don't track it, you can't measure your performance. We set up the right dashboards so you can learn from successful and failed experiments

Complete View of a Customer

We aggregate all your Customer Data into the tools your team uses to optimize the Customer Journey

Tools Selection & Implementation

We leverage our experience to help you choose the rights tools for your business and implement them for optimal usage.

The Customer Funnel

Our Customer Funnel describes how we see the Customer Journey. It has 8 stages, each with a goal and set of tools and practices that we leverage for them.

This is key to guiding us as to what needs to be done to achieve goals and in setting focus for our projects. Our projects focus on 2 stages for 3 months so we can ensure we meet your goals and not get distracted by other initiatives.

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Our Skills

Most companies have no trouble finding resources with the skills to fill the top of their funnel.

But the set of skills required to convert those visitors into customers and retain them is entirely different. Mid-funnel activities require a unique cross-section of skills across Marketing, Product Management, Customer Success and Technology.

Each of our consultants has experience in each of these areas, which is hard to find in one person!