Segment Audit

How do you know you're getting the most out of your

Segment implementation?

Get ready to make the most of your Customer Data

We've been working with Segment for over 10 years across small and enterprise-level implementations.

Segment is a very powerful tool, but with the wrong implementation, it can represent a missed opportunity to level up your customer data and their journeys. If your data isn't optimised, then it's garbage in and garbage out. Your product team won't be able to make sense of the analytics and where your key bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement lie.

This offering aims to identify your Segment implementation weaknesses and opportunities, Our process includes:

Share your Objectives, Target Metrics and Current Issues
We review your data schema, identifying opportunities for improvement.
We identify missed integrations and strategies to achieve them if not native to Segment
We assess your Identity Management and make recommendations for Identity Stitching
We review privacy and protocols implementation
We review your Attribution implementation and make recommendations

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